Better Writing Boot Camp

Have you ever taken a fitness boot camp? If so, you probably noticed that most of the activities are things you did in elementary school. (You probably also noticed those moves are a LOT harder on older knees than they were on 10-year-old knees!) By the end of boot camp you’re stronger because you’ve reconnected with muscles you hadn’t focused on for some time.

In coaching professionals interested in making their business-related writing better, I’ve noticed big payoffs come from focusing on a few basics. So, I’m launching a 12-session digital writing boot camp designed to help you whip your writing into better shape. Each session cover one basic practice that will improve your writing – if you’re willing to really focus on it.

Like all boot camps, you’ll notice the first few sessions start easy and they get progressively more challenging. But like any boot camp – with each session you’ll be honing your writing skills and by the end, you’ll be a stronger, better writer.

Ready? Ok, here goes … (click on the session title to launch the session):

Session 1: Keeping Sentences Short

Session 2: Crafting Paragraphs

Session 3: Using Transitions

Session 4: Using Plain, Simple Words

Session 5: Making Things Personal

Session 6: Using Active Voice

Session 7: Reducing Jargon

Session 8: Using Meaningful Headings

Session 9: Using Bullet Lists to Your Advantage

Session 10: Crafting Bullet Lists

Session 11: Revising, Copy Editing, and Proofreading

Session 12: Finishing Touches on Long Documents